YOUths Leadership JEunes

11 May, 2014

YOUths-LeadershipJonathan, Shura, Tina and Véronique of YOUths Leadership JEunes joined Open Door on May 7 to show us how they prepare highschool students for leadership roles. Through conferences and hands-on workshops, students aged 12 – 17 learn about the four basic types of leaders: the Warrior, the Relationship builder, the Analytic, and the Visionary, corresponding to the four points on the compass. YOUths reveals to participants their potential to create a positive impact on their lives and their community by taking on leadership roles. Ultimately, participants learn that taking initiative is the base of any leader.

We asked them to demonstrate a simple activity. They instructed us to stand up and arrange ourselves to form an “L”, then a “W.” We struggled for five minutes, standing as scribbled letters, and saw how their day-long workshops could help teenagers to become leaders and make any group a better one.

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