We will miss you Chris

06 Feb, 2013

Christopher Jost was a valued member of MSCM for many years. He was a core member of a Circle of Support and Accountability (CoSA) for some 7 years and in that time although his liberty was suspended on a few occasions for breaches of conditions, he did not re-offend until the last tragic occasion that led to his arrest, incarceration and ultimate death.

The tragedy of Chris’ life and death has deeply affected many in the community, including in MSCM and at St. James the Apostle Church – both the congregation and the other tenants of the Church.

Chris Jost was an offender supervised in the community by the Correctional Service of Canada because of the seriousness of his crimes. He was also a generous, hospitable person who loved nothing more than to reach out to people and to share his thoughts and possessions and to live his daily life in the company of others.

Apart from his CoSA, his involvement in MSCM included the set-up and arrangements for our Community Building Workshops, Christmas Dinners, and Movie Nights, as well as for his role in our film “One of Us”.

We will never know what caused Chris to do what he did on 5 January 2013 which caused so much harm and hurt to so many people. His death too caused hurt, yet leaves us hoping that his suffering, both physical and emotional, has come to an end. We will continue to do our work at MSCM trusting that during those 7 years our journeying with Chris was as beneficial for him and for the larger community as we know it was for us.

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