Prison For Sex Offenders Isn’t Enough To Keep Our Children Safe

24 Mar, 2014

Keeping sex offenders in prison longer makes us feel safer, but does it work? Bill C-26 – The Tougher Penalties for Child Predators Act is making its way through Parliament as we speak and will, you guessed it, impose harsher sentencing for child predators.

The bill looks promising but still has omitted some much wanted provisions for individuals such as public access to the Canadian Sex Offender Database. In any case, it seems that keeping sex offenders in prison as a means to protect them from your children is ineffective. The Canadian government has been put into question once again ever since its decision to cut funding for Circles for Support and Accountability (CoSA), despite their impressive numbers at reducing sex offender recidivism.

For sex offenders, harsher prison sentencing is unanimously agreed to be a good system of payback, but what needs to be understood is that protecting our children in the long run is the most important thing.

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