Our Web Designer / Developer, SEO Specialist Tommy Le

14 Oct, 2012

The Sou’Wester is pleased to introduce Tommy Le, MSCM’s website designer and volunteer who hails from British Columbia and is now a Montreal resident.

Q. First off, welcome aboard our team! How did you first learn about MSCM and what brought you to Montreal?

A. Thank you. I’m very ex- cited to join the team. Work brought me to Montreal, and soon after I was introduced to MSCM by your Volunteer Coordinator, Vanessa. After learning a little more about MSCM, I knew this was an organization I had to be a part of.

Q. When and how did you get started in website design?

A. I actually first started dabbling in graphics design in high school—making rockets and cars, I quickly developed a passion for it. It wasn’t until I started working as a junior graphics designer at a large media firm that I was exposed to the possibility of becoming a web designer. Now I do both and absolutely love it.

Q. During the summer you worked very hard creating MSCM’s website. How did you find this experience?

A. It has been an amazing experience. Everyone I’ve worked with has been fantastic and I’m very happy to have worked toward a cause that I believe in. I’ve been an advocate for Restorative Justice for many years, so it’s been a privilege to contribute to the important work that MSCM does.

Q. What other organizations have you created websites for?

A. I’ve been involved in the design and development of over 100 websites. Variety keeps my work interesting, so I’ve designed for many different types of organizations.

Feel free to browse my website: www.tommyle.ca to see my latest work.

Q. We understand that you will be participating in our Open Door program. Are you also planning on joining some of our other programs?

A. Yes, I’ve been a regular at Open Door. I’ve had a wonderful time listening to the guys and other volun- teers share their thoughts, stories and opinions on life. I am also interested in volunteering as an escort driver in the future.

Q. Can any of our members or partners contact you for their website needs? If so, what would be the best way?

A. Yes of course, and the best way is to email me and let me know what you need. If I can accommodate your needs, I’d be happy to set up a meeting to discuss further.

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  1. January 15, 2013

    Tommy has been my web designer for almost 3 years and has done an exceptional job. Tommy is very experience and professional. I would recommend him to anyone.

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