Newly Appointed Volunteer Coordinator: Vanessa

31 May, 2012

The Sou’Wester is pleased to introduce Vanessa, a 3- year volunteer with MSCM and recently appointed as MSCM’s Volunteer Coordinator. Vanessa will sit on MSCM’s Steering Committee.

Q. Firstly, welcome aboard! Volunteering with MSCM over the last 3 years, could you tell us how and why you started?

A. I first heard about MSCM and Restorative Justice when a former MSCM volunteer gave an announcement at my church during Mass one Sun- day. Not knowing what to expect, but full of curiosity, I attended an Open Door meeting. What I found was a wonderful community of really genuine people who, despite flaws and past mis- takes, come together to celebrate each other’s humanity. I found it refreshing and in- spiring, and it refreshes and inspires me to this day.

Q. How do you see your volunteer work fitting in with your career goals?

A. Well my career goals lie in the cancer research field so it  doesn’t really! The scientific community is at times guilty of being rather disengaged from the rest of society, so my volunteer work keeps me connected with my community and allows me to give back. Ultimately I’d like to leave this world a little better than when I entered it—I guess I’ve found a couple different ways of doing that.

Q. As Volunteer Coordinator what will be your role and responsi- bilities?

A. As Volunteer Coordinator, my primary responsibility is to keep our volunteers connected and active, and be an on-going source of support for them. I will also coordinate the recruitment of new volunteers and help in their orientation.

Q. What kind of support will volunteers be provided with?

A. All new incoming volunteers will be provided with a general orientation, and a variety of different sessions de- pending on the work they are interested in doing.

Existing volunteers—don’t be strangers! I’m always available for a chat if you ever have any questions, concerns or opinions.

Q. Doyouhavewordsofwisdom for those thinking of becoming a volunteer?

A. Simply words of encouragement to open your minds and hearts to our work here at MSCM. Participate in the variety of volunteer sessions when they come up, they are extremely eye opening.

Q. Howshouldpotentialand/or existing volunteers contact you?

A. I can be reached at, or come find me at Open Door.

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