New Regional Chaplain Louis Leblanc

08 Mar, 2013

At a tele/video conference yesterday of CSC chaplains in the Region of Quebec, we were introduced to the newly appointed Regional Chaplain, Louis Leblanc. The news of an appointment was welcome after many months of delay in the selection process. We look forward to resumption of support for our Community Chaplaincy work at MSCM. Louis Leblanc comes to the Regional Chaplain role from a strong military chaplaincy background, having received several honours and awards, most recently the Décoration Canadienne.

Louis LeBlanc, M.A. Counseling et Spiritualité

Agent de projets régionaux services culturels et spirituels at Correctional Service of Canada

Correctional Service of Canada

Agent de projets régionaux services culturels et spirituels
Mon rôle est de m’assurer que les services sont offerts dans les établissements de détention fédéraux du Québec.

Canadian Forces

Aumônier / Padre / Chaplain

  • Ministry of Presence to the troops.
  • Advisor to Commanding Officers for troups moral.
  • Individual Counseling for Military Members and their families.
  • Member of emergency teams.
  • Member of the interdisciplinary care team.
  • Health and Safety Managing officer.
  • Accompanying contingents in Deployed Operations (Afghanistan-Bosnia-Herzegovina-Kosovo)
  • Ethics Teacher
  • Military Christian Community Chaplain-Homilies-Mariage and Baptism Preparation.
  • Military funerals

Honors & Awards

Here is a list of awards Louis Leblanc received while serving Canada in the military:

  • Médaille de l’OTAN pour service au Kosovo
  • Médaille de service des gardiens de la Paix
  • Médaille de l’OTAN pour service en Ex-Yougoslavie
  • Médaille de l’OTAN pour service en Asie du Sud-Ouest
  • Décoration Canadienne





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