Nelson Mandela: One of Earth’s Great Sons

06 Dec, 2013

The world lost a great man yesterday with the passing of Nelson Mandela.  For the MSCM community his life was of special significance echoing as it did the years of imprisonment and hardship that some of our members experience, but also the hope that he brought to so many millions of people.

Last night at FTC one long time inmate recollected how it was that the example of suffering and forgiveness that Mr. Mandela exhibited helped him turn away from the anger that was ruling and ruining his life.  He speculated that he may otherwise never have left a maximum security setting if not for the inspiration he drew from Mr. Mandela’s life and example.

The world has lost a truly great son but we have inherited a great example for our humanity.  We at MSCM will hold on to his memory as we strive to carry on our work to humanize our justice system.



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