MSCM Volunteers Travel to Port Cartier

12 Mar, 2014

Port Cartier Maximum Security Institution:

Town of Port Cartier, QC: population ~ 5,600
Driving distance from Montreal 847 km
Opened 1988, capacity 237

For the second time in its 15 year history, MSCM volunteers travelled to Port Cartier to visit with one of the most isolated prison populations in Canada. Chaplain Peter Huish and five MSCM volunteers drove 12 hours along the forested north shore of the St Lawrence to spend too-little time with English-speaking inmates who rarely get other visits or even English programming. The group was welcomed by Port Cartier`s French language Chaplain Brigitte (Port Cartier doesn’t have an English chaplain) as well as Port Cartier’s only English language volunteer, Louise. MSCM volunteers met with Protective Custody inmates in the morning and with General Population inmates in the afternoon.

We would have liked to have promised these inmates that we’d be back soon, but with the uncertain status of the Port Cartier Chaplaincy and MSCM`s funding, hard work will be required to create the next opportunity to make the long trip to Canada`s hinterland prison. Hard work never bothered MSCM.

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