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13 Dec, 2013

To quote from one of their songs: “We’re just a gaggle of grannies — we don’t sit on our fannies”. The Raging Grannies is a musical movement formed in 1980 in Montreal by a couple of proudly elderly women who wanted to use their musical talents to satirically inspire a better, peace and justice-filled world for their grandchildren. Marguerite Bilodeau, a harp-playing Raging Granny, became one of those proud women. Her latest escapade includes a new tour around northern Quebec, making various appearances in women’s shelters and senior residences to perform music mostly composed by herself. Bilodeau has had much experience caring for the sick and less fortunate throughout her life, and with the therapeutic elements found within the strings of the harp, she believes she can do that much more to allow people’s anxieties to be taken away and the “masks to fall”. Striving to display inner peace and contentment, Bilodeau “rages” to this very day at all kinds of events with an energetic mindset not shaken in any way by her age.

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Marguerite Bilodeau – MSCM Volunteer

Marguerite is a  long-time campaigner for peace, having organized a walk from Montreal to Ottawa for the cause that stretches as far back as 30 years. Besides displaying an affinity for the harp, she is also a talented pianist and singer, who frequently performs at benefit concerts. About four years ago she became involved in meditation, which she expresses that it is something she loves and that she feels it helps her stay centered during the course of her busy life. She has participated in Community Building at one of the local penitentiaries and has often attended Open Door, more often than once on the other end of the table as a presenter for other attendees. This has included introducing us to the practice of meditation and, on another occasion, showing a film of the “Raging Grannies”.


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  1. December 14, 2013

    Marguerite Bilodeau is also a talented guitarist and an award-winning peace activist. We are fortunate to have a woman of her energy and vision among our supporters.

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