Marc Miller at Open Door

22 Jan, 2014

Marc Miller, a candidate for the Liberal nomination for the riding of Ville-Marie, was the guest speaker at Open Door on January 21.

Marc was born and raised in Montreal. His mother comes from an old Montreal family where women excelled in academic areas traditionally reserved for men, while his father educated himself in a two room rural school in Nova Scotia.

When in elementary school, he made friends with a student who lent him a pencil. That student was Justin Trudeau, and Marc counts this event as his first connection to the Liberal party. Marc eventually earned a Master’s degree in Political Science at University of Montreal and completed his Common and Civil Law degrees at McGill in 2001.

The members of Open Door asked the candidate questions about everything from incarceration, economics and the Quebec Charter. He says that his favourite part of being in the nomination race is the opportunity to meet with community groups like ours. His campaign manager, Lisa Montgomery, said that now is a good time to get involved in politics because this is a time when people can really make a difference in Canadian society. MSCM would like to thank Marc and Lisa for taking the time to share with us at Open Door.

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