Lifeline Program Scrapped

30 May, 2012

A$1.7 million reintegration program, which matches paroled lifers with fellow convicts in a bid to help them readjust to life outside prison suc- cessfully, is among the casualties of the recent Federal budget. The Cor- rectional Service of Canada (CSC) had indicated the Lifeline Program will be eliminated by August 31, 2012.

CSC said two reviews conducted in 2009 and 2010 determined there wasn’t

enough ‘quantitative data’ to determine the impact of the program on rehabilitation and reintegration of partici- pants. It was difficult to trace ‘positive outcomes demon- strated by an offender’ back to the program. As such, the degree to which the Lifeline Program yielded cost-savings through positive institutional and community outcomes could not be established.

The report found ‘targeted interventions’ were ‘strongly needed’ to address the unique situation of those

serving life sentences but sug- gested CSC revisit the way it approaches the need of lifers and how it accounts for Life- line activities.

The report said there are about 27 people employed by 7 agencies across the country providing Lifeline services, which include interviewing offenders, preparing them for parole hearings, offering cri- sis intervention and partici- pating in public awareness activities.

Source: Postmedia News 

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