Lack of Criminals Leads to Prison Closures in the Netherlands

23 Feb, 2014

Prison closures in the Netherlands have gone up from eight in 2009 to 19 in 2013. This is due in large part to options available to offenders in terms of avoiding having to serve time in prison altogether. Most, if not all offenders in the Netherlands opt for electronic tagging and surveillance instead of traditional incarceration.

The Netherlands is one of the safest countries to live in, where the only rampant crimes include petty theft and some instances of credit card and electronic theft. Their focus is more on “deterring and mitigating” crime before it happens and focusing heavily on rehabilitation. These efforts lead to an overall lack of criminals, which means that funding usually allocated towards prisons is going elsewhere to places like social services. In Canada, it could easily be said that we can learn a thing or two from what they are doing in the Netherlands.

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