Iran 101: from Cyrus the Great to World Cup Soccer

22 Jul, 2014

Thanks to Amir, Open Door has a much better understanding and appreciation of the history and modern life in Iran, the country of his youth. As the third largest deposit of petroleum on the planet, Iran is important both economically and geopolitically. He explained the changes in the flag, the status of women, the education system and the climate zones. It’s not just a desert; it’s a country with snow-capped mountains and modern infrastructure, including its own CN Tower. Amir expertly answered questions about his country and its treatment by Western media and governments. He also explained its religious feasts and traditions (let’s all try to pronounce “Zoroastrianism”), and recommended some of the best Iranian restaurants in Montreal. When challenged about Iran’s position on the state of Israel, he told the questioner, “You can’t disagree with me. I’m Persian.” With his natural speaking ability, we would be happy to listen to Amir speak more about the Land of the Aryans.

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