Inmate Pay Cut Strikes Sweep Across Canada

29 Nov, 2013

Following a recent pay cut to inmates in federal prisons, strike are being held across Canada because of worries regarding less compensation to families and inmates’ education. Money has been disappearing from the hands of prisoners ever since the Deficit Reduction Action Plan was put into effect by the federal government. On top of the fact that annual cheques are almost being halved, there are many concerns that the pay should actually be higher now because of inflation. It has been a few years now that the pays of inmates have remained the same while the pays of workers on the other side of the bars have been steadily rising.

This is a big problem considering the usually free commodities prisoners use (like shampoo and stamps) are now expected to be purchased with their terribly low wages. The Correctional Investigator of Canada Howard Sapers also had a few comments about the issue on the side of the inmates. With job cuts on the rise as well, little is being done for support by the correctional services.

Full Story & Video: Inmate Strike

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  1. Bob
    November 29, 2013


    Recommendations for cost cutting: Cancel mandatory sentencing and shorten sentencing for those who show ability to be contributing members of society. On that note, prepare inmates for release by giving them appropriate skills for gaining meaningful employment. And allow them to earn enough to save for their day of release.

    Can you imagine the cost to society by releasing inmates that are not prepared vocationally or financially? It doesn’t make sense to deny opportunities to inmates and expect successful reintegration — unless, of course, prison is a business. Then all means must be put into place to guarantee growth: more jobs for depressed communities and greater numbers of inmates. Yes, the prison business is growing. But guess who pays in the end.

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