Harper Presses Our “fear” Buttons Again

06 Mar, 2015

If Mr.Harper’s proposed new “tough on crime” initiative by which “a sentence for life” means prison for life were to become the law of the land, the real losers, on a number of fronts, would be us, the Canadian public.

The Justice system and our Correctional and Parole practices are already laden with an excess of options that are available, and already well used, to ensure that those who present a real risk to us, are kept in prison, for a lifetime, if that is the only way of ensuring public safety. Thankfully, the present system also still allows and encourages the successful social reintegration of motivated and accountable ex-offenders who are remorseful and who use appropriate rehabilitative options. Even if the Conservative government’s tough on crime measures to date have succeeded in making our justice system more harsh, thankfully there are still some humane and socially healthy options that can be employed.

This new proposal is a desperate ploy to hold on to voters already exploited by fear-mongering and scape-goating tactics that take us back into a more barbaric age. We lose not only because we are being manipulated and duped, not only because we are being denied the leadership and government that we need and deserve, but because if we allow this kind of draconian brutality we become complicit in the violentization of all of us. We have more humane, more moral and more hopeful options and we should exercise them.

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