Gardening and Colonialism

01 Jul, 2014

Margaret’s grandson James has attended Open Door regularly since he arrived from Vancouver this spring. He’s a typical environmentally-friendly, socially conscious British Columbian that the rest of Canada would be wise to emulate. He’s been planting a large garden on his grandparents’ acreage and just by wandering around Montreal, he finds many young people who volunteer to help plant and learn about agriculture. They ride their bikes an hour and a half to Margaret’s farm, work an eight hour day and then ride an hour and a half home! Of course, feeding hungry young people is quite a task and James has become the soup master. Although James is happy to be growing food, he still questions how “breaking” soil, “taming” the earth, and “cultivating” a garden are in themselves colonial activities. Open Door was inspired to listen to James and to see his garden project on Hugh and Margaret’s country home in Laval.

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