Evolution vs. Creationism by Mark

05 Mar, 2014

On March 4, 2014 new volunteer Mark gave his first presentation at Open Door, a controversial contrast of Evolutionary Science and Young Earth Creationism. Attendees will forever envision a bridge of kangaroos hopping from the Middle East to Australia; non-attendees will wonder what that sentence means!

Mark left us with several questions to ponder:

  1. Can both theories co-exist?
  2. Is the Bible like a game of telephone? Can we trust words from a divine creator written and translated countless times over the centuries? – Question for Creationism
  3. Can we even trust what we know or observe? – Question for Evolution
  4. Are we living in the past at any given moment? – Notion of light waves
  5. How do we know that relatively stable things like radioactive decay (which we use to date findings) have remained stable throughout time?
  6. Is the argument of “There is a book…” viable for the modern scientific community?
  7. Finally does the second law of thermodynamics contradict evolution?

Energy is lost to heat (more work = more heat = less energy)

The disorder of a closed system always becomes more unstable over time.

Creationists argue how more complex organisms are created over time if this occurs, since a disorder in a system of evolution would lead to things like excess randomization of species (which is probably very bad) and extinction.

Evolutionary scientists argue that a “closed system” refers to a system where no outside energy is gained. Since the Earth constantly receives energy from the sun, this argument does not apply to the Earth and universe.

For more information on the second law of thermodynamics, see: http://biologos.org/questions/evolution-and-the-second-law

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