Emphasis on Faith in Prisons – Does it do Justice?

23 Dec, 2013

Prisons such as the one in Angola, Louisiana have recently entered the news spotlight regarding many faith-based programs for inmates. Now appearing more and more frequently in the United States, these programs range from scholarly pursuits with possible degrees in theology to study programs also based on faith. Statistics are showing that putting an emphasis on faith in prisons actually does reduce the rates of inmate recidivism but the numbers may not stretch as far as some may think. There are quite a few exceptions to be found in terms of eligibility to these programs as well as the fact that one must be able to subscribe to the faith aspect in the first place. Sound arguments are nonetheless being made that would allow possible governmental accommodations for these programs because of the many benefits both inmates and the community can reap. However, the presently established “healthy separation between religion and state” might be put in jeopardy at the same time revisions may be put into place, and so arguments are also being made for allowing secular programs to have a fighting chance as well. In any case, the outweighing benefits of these many prison programs are allowing them to become extremely attractive across the board.

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