Dragonbridge at Open Door

05 Mar, 2014

On February 25, Peter Loorits of Dragonbridge Corporation followed up his acclaimed 2010 appearance at Open Door and intrigued everyone with his “Doing Business in China” quiz. We started by looking at correct and incorrect ways to give gifts in China (What colour of wrapping paper is best? Are any gifts considered taboo? Are there any differences between a gift to the President and the gift to the Secretary?). After that, he quizzed us on negotiating techniques, management practices and Chinese business etiquette. We found that we all have a lot to learn about doing business with the Dragon!

Bridging the distance between the markets of Asia and North America, Dragonbridge Corporation’s mission is to facilitate trade, technology transfer and communication. You can visit their site at: http://www.dragonbridgecorp.com.

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