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11 Dec, 2014

I am grateful that again this year, a generous, anonymous supporter has offered an incentive to encourage much-needed donations for the support of our work at MSCM – a need even more acute for the coming year given continued reductions in available funds from government sources and their increasing disinterest in the values of community-making which inform us.

This generous offer is to augment all donations of more than $100 to MSCM which are received before 31 December by an additional 50% of the donated amount, up to a limit of $4,000.  

I appreciate that there is little time to act on this, and that it catches us at a time when there are other calls upon our disposable money but as many affirm it is the season for giving so I commend this opportunity to your prayerful and thoughtful consideration.  Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions about this.

Donations can be made easily using the option found here (note that this provides for making donations through the Diocese of Montreal who kindly channel these donations to our work which they support, thereby affording you the benefit of tax-savings).  If you use the on-line route follow the directions there to identify your giving as for MSCM.

Similarly, The Diocese will accept donations for MSCM by cheque.  If this is your preference, cheques should be in the name of “The Diocese of Montreal” with a note on the cheque that it is ‘for MSCM’.  Any qualifying cheques would need to reach the Diocesan office before 31 December so would need to sent promptly:

Diocese of Montreal
1444 Union Avenue
Montreal,  Québec
H3A 2B8

I want to share with you here a recent post by Tommy Le (our webman) which expresses beautifully his passion and commitment for the love and life which we share:

“Over the past 3 years, I have been volunteering with a wonderful group called MSCM (Montreal Southwest Community Ministries), a non-profit organization that works in accordance with the principles of Restorative Justice to reduce recidivism by aiding in the reintegration process of those who have served time in a penitentiary.

I have become very passionate about this work. By helping ex-inmates make successful transitions back into the community, I feel that I make a meaningful contribution to community safety. Beyond that, it is rewarding to be able to help these very marginalized men get a second chance at life.”

I know that I speak for many in thanking you for your membership in the MSCM community and your enabling of our shared endeavour.

Peter Huish

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