Cutbacks Do Not Hinder Work With Ex-Prisoners

01 Dec, 2014

rev petr huish gives speechChaplain Peter Huish is confident that despite cutbacks to social programs by the federal government participation for engaging with ex-prisoners will remain strong.

The federal agenda is moving increasingly towards the isolation or “warehousing” of inmates and to decreasing funding for programs that have been shown to actually reduce rates of reoffending.  This is primarily due to the Harper government’s “tough on crime” approach in conjunction with the diversion of capital to support the ever-growing prison populations.  Beneficial and effective programs such as Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) are at risk because of reduction of funding.

Montreal-Southwest Community Ministries has always been informed by the principles of Restorative Justice, seeking to ensure a more safe community.  Despite the cuts by this government donations by individuals are increasing as community support grows for our work in support of ex-prisoners.

Peter is most grateful for the continued “adherence and persistence” of MSCM’s many volunteers. They keep coming back and new ones are appearing all the time. They are becoming more crucial still as chaplains like Peter Huish and Tim Smart have to take more engaged roles in order to ensure that inmates continue to have the required pastoral care.

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