Where Is Our Criminal Justice System Headed?

20 Oct, 2014

More cells, tougher laws, increased security. These are all new implementations underway in the Canadian criminal justice system. Normally this would be indicative of a rise in crime but this is not the case at all.

We are experiencing extremely low rates of crime at the moment, but the costs of the justice system keep increasing. Canada is literally following in the failed footsteps of its neighbor to the south.

There might be hope. States like Texas are dramatically rethinking how they tackle crime and life in prison. High investment is now going into programs to get convicts released and have a strong support network to allow them to reintegrate into society. When seeing exactly what might have caused the dramatic increase in prison population, the famous “three strike rule” is on everyone’s minds.

Similar programs to aid inmates have surfaced in Canada but almost all of them are having their funding cut despite them being successes.

All of these problems and more will be discussed in the newly released documentary State of Incarceration. The film has promised to show thought-provoking insight from people on the other side of the system.

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