Creating a Narrative Budget

11 Jun, 2014

As MSCM and chaplaincy in general receive less funding from CSC and the Government, it becomes important for groups like ours to sharpen their skills in scouting alternate sources of financing. This week at Open Door Peter introduced us to the concept of a Narrative Budget. Whereas a traditional line-item budget describes the dollar amount that an organization spends for each category of expenditure, a narrative budget describes why the organization spends money. The members of this week’s Open Door looked at the MSCM mission statement and reviewed the concepts of Restorative Justice and Communitas before Peter divided us into groups to examine MSCM’s six Guiding Principles. There wasn’t enough time to explore the ideas presented by the seven groups, but since MSCM belongs to everyone, everyone actively participated and some people expressed interest in accompanying Peter in developing a narrative budget for MSCM.

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