CoSA: Are Sex Offenders the New Lepers?

11 Mar, 2015

The Coalinga State Hospital in California houses 1,500 of the most dangerous sex offenders after they have served time in prison. Upon release from prison, the magnitude of recidivism for a particular offender can be evaluated at the hospital through a variety of means.

What some residents outside of Coalinga are not aware of though is CoSA (Circles for Support and Accountability), a program that aids in the reintegration of sex offenders by welcoming them back into the community, helping them find stable employment and places of residence.

“Richard” was a Coalinga resident and was part of CoSA. 

Programs like CoSA, which was started in Ontario, Canada, have risen to prominence in the U.S. CoSA follows the story of Jesus aiding the lepers, individuals who were shunned from society for their disease. In modern day, sex offenders have become the new lepers, and it is up to CoSA to show them the same compassion that Jesus did in the Bible.

To read the full article, including the story of Richard, click here.

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