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07 Sep, 2014

Many of us who are supported under the umbrella of Aumônerie Communautaire de Montréal, along with representatives of Aumônerie Communautaire de Québec and Aumônerie Communautaire des Régions met at L’Ermitage in Pierrefonds on 4-5 September to express our hopes for the continuance of our richly varied work in the field of social reintegration. Consensus emerged about formation of a regional community chaplaincy coalition to best ensure that the needs of those returning to community life are met in a coordinated and collaborative way and which will aid all of us (we partners) in bidding collectively for these needed reintegration services.

Margaret and Peter participated for MSCM and came away encouraged in our affirmation of shared values and vision, in an emerging solidarity and the finding of a common voice in speaking to government, to the public and to other possible funders.

Please contact Margaret or Peter if you have questions or suggestions at

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  1. October 12, 2014

    I can only support the importance of the presence of the chaplaincy inside the walls. Many Times and for many, the joy of knowing that we’ll have some body to share to be receive with warm welcomes.
    Thank you for your perseverance and your love
    Sylvain ex CFF

    • mscm
      October 16, 2014

      Thank you Sylvain for sharing your thoughts and agreeing how important the role of chaplains play in re-integration.

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