Community Chaplaincy Conference 2013

02 Jun, 2013

MSCM is pleased to be sending two of our Steering Committee members (Peter & Jeri) to the Re-Visioning Community Chaplaincy Conference in Nova Scotia, Canada.  This is an important event for MSCM to be apart of, so we can help shape the future of Chaplaincy in our community.

Below is information on what will be discussed at the conference.

Welcome to Acadia,

The Re-Visioning Community Chaplaincy Conference is an opportunity for those of us involved in the
restorative ministry of working with those touched by crime to come together and develop a plan for
the future. During our time together we will focus on three primary objectives:

  • We will celebrate our success;
  • We will look at the current challenges and opportunities;
  • We will develop a new vision and strategies for our work.

The author of La Petit Prince, Antoine St. Exupery once said, “A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when
somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.”

“So what’s your great idea?”

Each of us has a unique perspective on Community Chaplaincy. Our conference has a mix of faith
partners, front-line chaplains and leaders in complimentary ministries. We have come together with a
single purpose which is to re-vision the future of Community Chaplaincy in Canada. For the past year,
we have lived on the swirling and shifting sands of change and uncertainty. At this conference, you are
invited to pause, reflect and to participate in building something new.

That brings us back to the question for which you alone have the answer, “So what’s your great idea? “\

In the next two days through working group sessions, workshops, presentations, conversation and a
whole bunch of prayer you are invited to put your own ideas on the table about how best to grow this
ministry? we call Community Chaplaincy.

In the first working group, you will be asked to share three words you feel best describes what
Community Chaplaincy is about. This will be followed by sessions where we hope you will share ideas for
moving forward.

If you have arrived at the conference with this idea already worked out, great- get ready to share it! If
not, please take time to ask yourself the question, “If I could do one thing for Community Chaplaincy
(think big here) to make it grow, what would it be?”

We are not sure what the eventual shape of the building we are creating will look like, but with
everyone’s involvement in building our community.

Yours in faith – Your Conference Facilitators

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