Community Building 2014

17 Apr, 2014

On a recent March weekend, we gathered, a diverse group of souls. We came from different backgrounds, different age-groups, different places of origin, but all with one common link, an interest in the work of MSCM, among those affected by incarceration. Our aim was to enhance a spirit of community among the group.

There were some guidelines to help us along, an inspirational story, much silence, many instances of deep sharing of wounds,  past but still carried, and a growing sense of this being a safe place where one could be oneself and that we did.

There was good food for snacks on arrival and for breaks during the day.We walked to an adjacent building on both days for lunch, which, on the Saturday, happened to be during a sudden heavy snowstorm—-just another cause for laughter, which was not in short supply that weekend.

Although we all went our different ways when the event came to a close, one could sense that the bond that had developed between us, throughout this process of Community Building, would endure.

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