Charles Koch and the United States Prison System

07 Jan, 2015

An unfortunate court experience in 1995 had Charles Koch start studying the criminal justice system and how it is misrepresenting non-violent offenders. The United States prison system is in dire need of reform.

In essence, prisons are becoming overcrowded with more non-violent offenders than ever before due to the ever-growing amount of laws that are especially unfavorable for the disadvantaged or minorities.

And it is not only prison that is affecting the lives of many Americans. Criminal records ensure the uncertainty of your future, whether it be for a career or relationship. Paying a debt to society is not enough anymore.

Researching all this data has led Koch to begin donating to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Although environmental justice is the loser in Koch’s libertarian business exploits, this notorious capitalist ironically seems to have a heart for those who cannot afford to pay for justice in the U.S. criminal justice system.

To read the entire article and see Koch’s views, click here

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