Chaplains Still Working With Parolees Without Pay

06 Feb, 2015

Harry Nigh, a chaplain at the Keele Community Correctional Centre, has been working with parolees there since the 90s and in total for almost 40 years.

The federal government budget cuts in 2012 have affected the lives and the work of community chaplains all over the country and has been followed by the privatization of chaplain positions in federal institutions.

Despite being without pay, Nigh feels compelled to continue his work. His continued role is based on the principle that chaplaincy is about relationships; ones that cannot be broken so easily. Nigh had planned to retire in the hopes of a new chaplain being hired, but after realizing the position would stay vacant, he decided to stay and continue his work without compensation.

When offenders with no work history are released, there are only so many people they can turn to. Nigh is and continues to be one of those people.

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