Bishop Barry B. Clarke from the Anglican Diocese of Montreal Speaks

31 May, 2012

“The pain of those who cannot fit into the mainstream of society is so great!

They feel useless, a dead weight. This feeling is shared by many old people, or by people out of work, immigrants, fragile and weak people, people with disabilities or chronic sickness—whether physical or mental—people caught up in obsessions of eating, alcohol or drugs.”

The Broken Body (Journey to Wholeness) by Jean Vanier (p. 12)

Montreal-Southwest Community Ministries (MSCM) is integral to the life of the community and the church. It is a ministry that touches people’s lives at the core of their being by offering hope through Restorative Justice, healing and reconciliation. This ministry listens with empathy to the ‘pain of those who cannot fit into mainstream society…’ these words of Jean Vanier reflect the vocation of church and society to come alongside the prisoner, the marginalized and the outcast and restore dignity, value and worth to every human being.  As Bishop, I am grateful for this work in Montreal and the Diocese of Montreal.



Bishop Barry B. Clarke
Anglican Diocese of Montreal

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