Bertrand Rides His “Weird” Bike Across Canada

21 May, 2014

Bertrand brought his Dutch bicycle to Open Door and encouraged everyone to undertake an adventure that would make them feel as alive as did his 78-day trip across Canada. He encountered bears, moose, and wonderfully hospitable people in all ten provinces (Newfoundland was his favourite province). In the Rockies he had to push his heavy bike and gear eight kilometers up one particularly difficult mountain, but then rode over 200km in one day as a back wind whisked him across the prairies. His only mistake was when someone in Regina gave him a Saskatchewan Roughrider flag to mount on his bike and flew it into Manitoba—archrival Blue Bomber territory. He impressed upon us that more than a physical adventure, his muscle-powered, solitary journey was spiritually liberating and helped rid him of his 85-hour a week workaholism. After his presentation he let us sit on his bike so we feel its comfort. This summer Bertrand will bike north to the James Bay and we hope he’ll inspire us again with more of his travel tales at Open Door.

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