A Word From Our Chair: Peter Huish

31 May, 2012

There have been significant developments for MSCM this year: visibly, Open Door which is our meeting place, our crossroads, under the gifted leadership of Jeri, has been consistently pleasing and well attended, especially by those becoming re-established in the community.

There are several new faces among us – The Rev. Canon Tim Smart who serves as chaplain at Cowansville Institution, and has generously become a leader and pastoral resource in MSCM and a back-up for me; Mark Weatherley, a knowledgeable and implicated Treasurer, who will help us manage sometimes complicated financial conditions arising from relations with our funders; Vanessa as Volunteer Coordinator, who has returned to us after several years away.   Perhaps with greatest visibility, The Sou’Wester, so lovingly and enthusiastically crafted by Paula, has become an important binder for our community and a vehicle for linking us with many beyond MSCM.   We are all grateful for some less visible though important work by Margaret who willingly serves as liaison and presence of MSCM in gatherings of other organizations who participate in the wider Community Chaplaincy endeavours in the Montreal area, and by Gabrielle, who dependably serves as our bookkeeper, and resource person at Open Door.

It is timely that we have added to our abilities in these ways, and have spent considerable time in the last 9 months in review, reflection and visioning, to equip ourselves for viability and development into the coming years – timely in the sense that not only is the present climate less supportive of initiatives such as ours in the Correctional Service and in the community but also that we are already being challenged to identify and engage new sources of funding, and to further develop our recruitment of volunteers on whom our work depends so much.   Your encouragement and support of our efforts in these areas is appreciated.



Peter Huish
Chair and Founder of MSCM

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